Eagle e-scooters sharing service project

The new entrepreneurial initiative operates in the corporate mobility sector in order to meet the needs of employees on the journey of the "last mile" and in company spaces. The term "last mile" indicates the stretch of road that each traveler must travel from a hub: train, metro or bus stop until reaching their final destination. The scarce proposal of alternatives to cover these short distances, especially in peripheral and industrial areas, are the main cause that pushes workers and citizens to prefer the use of the private car since, albeit between an inconvenience and a delay, directly to the destination. The new "unique" service on the national panorama of sharing micro-mobility goes to cover the market spaces left empty by indirect competitors and public transport companies not present or not sufficiently present in peripheral and industrial areas. Companies are offered an alternative mobility solution also by virtue of the legal obligation of the PSCL (home-work travel plan) which requires those with more than 100 employees to plan the mobility of their staff in a sustainable way. The companies that join will also demonstrate that they are launching a "Sustainability Project" with concrete actions to improve their social and environmental performance. The originality of the Eagle Etsp Micromobility service also lies in its customization, our vehicles equipped with bag holders and/or trolley holders can also be used by students on university campuses, by travelers in ports and airports. To. ese. from the car park to reach the departure terminal and vice versa. The benefit would be twofold: reduction of noise and environmental pollution, usually quite high in these places, and improvement of the travel experience of travellers. On the other hand, we intend to form partnerships with public transport companies to offer the micro-mobility option in their Apps to cover those peripheral and industrial areas where they are not present or are not present enough. In this way the traveler who has to reach a particular destination a few kilometers away from a train, metro or bus stop; you can buy the ticket and a pass for a scooter or electric bike to travel the last stretch with just one click. On this point, we are in dialogue with some transport companies to be able to start a pilot project.

Project co-financed by the FESR 2014-2020