We are a startup that deals with smart micromobility in corporate spaces and in the last mile. We intend to satisfy particular mobility needs in large closed spaces characterized by an intense circulation of people (Ports, Airports, University Campuses, Hospitals, etc.).

Our sharing fleets of scooters and electric bikes controlled by an App are rented to the client company which can monitor their use in real time using our software. The companies and organizations that join will demonstrate that they are also starting a "Sustainability Project" with concrete actions to improve their social and environmental performance which will have a positive impact on the green and digital transition.

We also partner with transport companies to combine public transport with sharing mobility. Users of Partner companies - with our vehicles distributed near the junction points of railway stations, metro, buses and in interchange car parks - will be able to travel the last stretch to reach their final destination. A public transport subscription combined with the use of our vehicles also represents the ideal solution to improve the well-being of travellers. Sustainability, intermodality and digitalisation represent the mobility themes of the future.

What Sets us Apart


Our efforts are focused on offering a safe and sustainable micro-mobility experience in every place where we operate.


We collaborate with non-profit organizations to improve mobility in the company and on the way home-to-work



The use of micro electric mobility helps to improve the quality of our life


We believe in transparency and strive to deliver the best customer experience every day