Eagle Etsp micromobility - Smart micromobility for corporates

Specialized rental of e-bikes and scooters in sharing in company spaces and to facilitate employee access to the company (last mile)

1. 7:30 am Marco leaves the house and takes the subway to go to work

2. At the exit of the metro he will find an Eagle Etsp scooter station

3. With the Eagle App, Marco has unlocked a scooter and is now heading to his workplace

4. When he arrives at his destination, he parks the scooter and goes to the office

5. A product to view? Here is the technician Stefano who unlocks a scooter

6. After a few minutes, he comfortably reaches the production department

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â–ºPartnership with transport companies to offer the public transport + micromobility option in their Apps
    One click to buy a metro or bus ticket + a pass for a scooter or electric bike



  • See where they are the scooters

  • Frame the QR and unlock the scooter

  • Start the ride

  • See the battery level, time and distance traveled

  • End the ride

  • Leave a feedback