EAGLE ETSP, the innovative scooter rental service for companies and large spaces

Born in Naples in 2021, the startup Eagle Etsp offers an innovative and specialized service for the rental of electric scooters for companies with large spaces or where there is a strong circulation of people such as airports, production sites, marinas, university campuses, etc. “We want to be useful to companies - affirms the founder and CEO Michele Palmieri spreading the use of electric micro-mobility (company scooter sharing) as an alternative to traditional motor vehicles and facilitating the movement of employees, travelers, boaters and students ".

The Neapolitan company, which is launching the service in various realities throughout Italy, offers a "turnkey" solution based on a lease agreement with a minimum duration of one year that provides for the supply of a customized corporate digital platform and a fleet of at least thirty scooters from the best manufacturers on the market.

The platform includes an App that allows the user to interact with the vehicle; a control panel to enable and disable users, to know the status of the rides, the position of the vehicles, the history of rides, etc RC insurance; maintenance and assistance at every level. In practice, those who rent the Eagle service only have to think about how to use it and make their employees or users aware of its use. All offered at the rental fee of € 79.00 + VAT per month for each scooter.

"Our initiative also aims to make a contribution to Mobility Managers in finding green solutions for employees to travel the last mile - continues Palmieri. - Think, for example, of the cases in which the train station, metro or bus stop is a short distance from the workplace. Or the traveler who has to reach the departure terminal from the car park of a large airport. Our scooters are equipped with a bag holder and / or trolley holder to suit different contexts ".
The members and creators of Eagle Etsp are the same who in 2013 gave birth to DigiTaxi © - the App for booking a taxi that the American magazine WIRED has ranked among the top 7 Apps nationwide. . The Eagle Etsp team - which has already awarded itself an investment round of around half a million euro - therefore presents itself with a good business card for future investors and partners.

31/1/2022 - Fonte il Sole 24 Ore del 27/01/22