Eagle Etsp, the innovative rental service for companies, ports and airports

Support to the mobility manager in finding green solutions for employees

Smart mobility for virtuous companies. This is what Eagle Etsp offers, an innovative startup, born in Naples in 2021, to carry out a specialized smart scooter rental service for companies that have to manage large spaces, characterized by an intense circulation of people, such as airports, production sites. , marinas, university campuses.


Eagle Etsp is currently the only company offering this type of specialized service, since "scooter sharing" is usually active mainly in city centers. The start-up initiative also wants to make a contribution to the mobility manager "in finding green solutions for employees to travel home-to-work. Let's take as an example the train station or the metro or bus stop a few kilometers from the workplace. In this case, the company will be able to use the service offered by Eagle Etsp, which will place a scooter station near the hubs. The worker, authorized by the company, through the application can then use an Eagle vehicle to travel the route. Once arrived at its destination, the vehicle will remain available for sharing by other workers. Since the use of scooters has recently been banned on extra-urban streets, Eagle is planning to replace scooters with electric bicycles for those companies that are based in areas far from the city context. For information, visit the website:



Why rely on Eagle Etsp? The start-up offers companies a turnkey service where the company, after entering into a rental agreement, only has to worry about how to best use the scooters without further worries. Eagle, in fact, provides a complete and advantageous package, including: application (for Ios and Android), which allows you to unlock and lock the vehicle, know the charge level, set the destination; control platform to enable and disable users, to know the status of the races, the position of the vehicles on the map; R.C. insurance and maintenance of the scooters throughout the rental period.

Furthermore, the vehicles of Eagle are equipped with bag holder and trolley holder, therefore perfect in ports and airports. The traveler, for example, from the parking lot could easily reach the departure terminal, without using the shuttle. The advantages are many: reducing noise and environmental pollution, avoiding crowded vehicles given the Covid emergency, improving the travel experience and general well-being, but also greater safety, since the software tracks all the movements of the vehicles.



Companies that decide to join the Eagle Etsp service thus demonstrate that they want to start a sustainability project with concrete actions. The goal is to improve social and environmental performance by promoting a sustainable economy, which puts a better quality of life first

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