Smart Mobility Report: Italy is back on electric vehicles but there is a boom for scooters

The numbers of electrification in Italy are still limited in absolute value, but in 2019 mopeds increased by 269%. The data in a summary table of the Polimi Energy & Strategy Group Smart Mobility Report, which is presented in live streaming on 29 October.

The total number of electric vehicles registered in Italy in 2019 compared to the previous year was 19% more, driven by passenger cars (+ 78%) and motorcycles (+ 269%). In this context, mopeds stand out in percentage terms: one in 5 in 2019 is electric. But the numbers of electrification in Italy are still quite limited in absolute value.

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This is a preview of the data that will be disseminated on Thursday 29 October starting at 9.30, exclusively live on the web, on the occasion of the presentation of the 2020 edition of the Smart Mobility Report created by the Energy & Strategy Group of the Polytechnic School of Management by MiIano.

The study addresses some of the main macro-trends that are redesigning the world of mobility towards the so-called smart mobility, such as electrification, sharing, autonomous driving, according to different complementary perspectives - technological, regulatory and market - which as they will always be debated together with the research partner companies.

In particular, we will talk about the evolution of the smart mobility market in Italy and in the world; the spread of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure and the charging service chain in Italy, with particular reference to the business models of operators; the actual cost of having an electric car, with a comparative analysis compared to other power supplies; the perspective of end users and the potential for diffusion of electric mobility.

Electric mobility in Italy, registrations and penetration

Looking at the different types of electric vehicles analyzed in the Report, it emerges that, with the exception of bicycles, the Italian numbers remain limited in absolute terms. In percentage terms, in addition to bicycles, the figure for mopeds stands out. The other types of vehicles, on the other hand, show very low penetration rates on registered vehicles. These numbers are not very relevant even in relation to the overall stock of vehicles on the road registered in Italy in 2019

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