Micromobility for companies in the last mile and in company spaces

We collaborate with the Mobility Manager to find new green mobility solutions

The need to offer companies a specialized service for the mobility of their employees has recently emerged with the spread in cities of scooter and electric bike sharing services that have contributed to making short trips easier and faster.

Eagle Etsp deals with micro-mobility for businesses through the smart rental of scooters and electric bikes to facilitate the mobility of employees in the last mile and in company spaces. The technological management platform created by Eagle Etsp - consisting of an App and a web portal - is unique in the national panorama of Micromobility sharing services.

The integration of public transport with Micromobility in sharing represents the turning point for allowing users to plan and book trips in multimodal mode using a single app and paying only once for the entire combination of services.

Stations for scooters and electric bikes are installed at strategic points required by the company to facilitate employee access to the workplace in collaboration with transport companies wishing to implement programs and strategies in favor of corporate mobility in peripheral areas and areas industrial, where the public service is scarce and sharing services are non-existent.

The intermodality between public transport and micro-mobility will improve the travel experience of employees and their level of psycho-physical well-being, with beneficial effects also on work productivity. The companies that join our service will also demonstrate that they are starting a “Sustainability Project” with concrete actions, to improve their social and environmental performance.

Scooters equipped with bag holder and / or trolley holder can also be used by travelers in ports and airports. To. ese. from the car park to reach the departure terminal and vice versa. The benefit would be twofold: reducing noise and environmental pollution, usually quite high in these places, and improving the travel experience of travellers.

What Sets us Apart


Our efforts are focused on offering a safe and sustainable micro-mobility experience in every place where we operate.


We collaborate with non-profit organizations to improve mobility in the company and on the way home-to-work



The use of micro electric mobility helps to improve the quality of our life


We believe in transparency and strive to deliver the best customer experience every day