Eagle e-scooters sharing service project


The "Eagle e-Scooters sharing service" project falls within the priorities of the "Surface transport and advanced logistics" category. The initiative consists in developing an App to rent electric scooters on the street available to users for short trips. the use of shared electric micro-mobility in areas where sharing services are non-existent today: suburban areas of cities and industrial areas.


Micromobility in sharing is constantly growing thanks to its simple use with zero emissions. Today, more than ever, there is a need for environmentally friendly mobility to reduce noise and environmental pollution, increase energy savings and improve the quality of life in cities. Greater combined use of electric micro-mobility with traditional means of transport will help reduce the use of private vehicles.

The Startup, therefore, proposes itself as a partner of public transport companies to allow them to offer an extra service directly in the App, thanks to the connection with the Eagle Etsp API. In this way, the user with a single click can purchase the train or metro ticket and the pass to use a scooter or an electric bike in the App.


The use of micromobility in sharing will meet the various daily needs associated with short trips, will bring advantages on the decongestion of urban centers and places characterized by an intense circulation of people, such as ports and airports; also improving the tourist offer. The cities of the future will be less and less populated by their own vehicles and more and more by those in sharing (carpooling, bikesharing, scooter sharing) with combined mobility solutions that take care of first and last mile routes in order to improve the travel experience of the 'user.

For years the major concern of transport companies has been the mere management of the means rather than the care of the travel experience. Today, anyone on the move is an advanced user who focuses on which optimal mix of interconnected solutions allows them to arrive first at their destination in the simplest and fastest way possible. In particular, the new generations who are the ones most inclined to use Apps like mobility to be shared and multimodal. Eagle Etsp aims to encourage the ongoing evolutionary process that sees mobility as a service - Mobility as service (MaaS). It means offering all citizens the ability to plan and book trips in multimodal mode using a single app and paying only once for the entire combination of services.

Project co-financed by the FESR 2014-2020