Eagle Etsp from ports to airports: where the startup's scooters arrive

At the center of the future of mobility will finally be users WITH their travel experience. Today, commuters traveling to their workplaces are faced with a fragmented journey, often encountering mobility gaps between a bus stop and the office just a few kilometers away. Multi-modality is therefore a resource for the mobility of the future that offers users the ability to plan and book last-mile journeys with a shared vehicle with just a few clicks and in real time.

For this reason, Eagle Etsp fits perfectly into the horizon of the future Mobility as a Service, proposing itself above all as an ideal partner in the Corporate MaaS. Its mission is in fact to provide virtuous companies with a specialized rental service of scooters and electric bikes, which can be booked through a special app, to facilitate the green travel of employees in the last mile, with positive effects also on environmental pollution.

Eagle Etsp is the partner of companies to make the last mile of employees more comfortable and environmentally friendly

There are many companies aware of their impact on urban pollution and who wish to reduce the ecological footprint of their business system. Not infrequently these virtuous realities clash with the truth of the facts, especially if the headquarters and offices are located in peripheral areas that are poorly or poorly served by LPT or where sharing services are completely absent.
The Eagle Etsp project is part of this space, offering companies decentralized to public transport stations to use an integrated and digital last-mile mobility service. In this way it will be possible to encourage companies to experiment and find convenient multimodality solutions between TPL and micro-mobility.


As already mentioned, promoting alternative mobility in collaboration with companies means preparing the way towards a sustainable future, first and foremost from a business point of view. In fact, the Eagle Etsp project fits perfectly within the PNRR, in particular from the perspective of the mission dedicated to sustainability. Furthermore, the initiative aims to contribute to the transport decarbonisation process envisaged by the Fit for 55, the European plan for the green transition.

Where are Eagle Etsp's Mobility Hubs to ensure last mile mobility

The goal of the startup is therefore to allow workers to choose the transport solutions most in line with their needs from the door of the house to the threshold of the office, selecting the means of travel, by purchasing travel tickets through an app.

Precisely by virtue of its corporate mission, Eagle Etsp places its mobility hubs in key points in concert with the tenant company to meet the demand for movement of its employees to access the workplace.

We are talking about railway stations, subways, interchange parking lots, bus or tram stops and also ports and airports: a network of electric micro-mobility junctions destined to grow more and more throughout the national territory.

At the various Italian airports and ports, users can, for example, easily leave their car in the parking lot and reach the terminal or the quay independently, without having to wait for the shuttle to pass.

Eagle's vehicles are available to a particularly dynamic target, accustomed to frequent business trips and hand luggage. Consequently, the vehicles are equipped with a bag holder and trolley holder that make the choice of micro-mobility even more convenient to cover the last mile.

18/10/2022 - Redazione Eagle Etsp