Electric micro-mobility: an increasingly topical issue for greater eco-sustainability

Lately the issue of sustainable mobility and in this case of electric micro-mobility are topics that are taking up more and more space in the problems that Italy is facing.

Often these issues end up in the background in favor of other priorities but, the fact remains that, they are important topics that can help in the small way to improve our life made up of daily movements, uncomfortable journeys or unnecessary waiting.

After the resolution of the decree of 4 June 2019 by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, where the experimentation of micro-mobility has started, many people have purchased the electric scooter as an ecological daily means to go to the various workplaces and not, saving time and money with an effective, clean and even fun result. In this regard, thanks to the idea of ​​three brothers, the Italian Electric Scooter Club was born (

The aim is to disseminate the issue of electric mobility as much as possible so that more and more Italian municipalities can join the experimentation of using the vehicle in cities. Unfortunately, so far only nine Italian municipalities have joined it, but it is still a very low number. This is sorry because such a convenient vehicle, which can really reduce traffic, pollution and parking is not always considered as an added value to the municipality and the citizen.

Cities with a high rate of pollution, such as Naples, could find a strong benefit from the use of electric mobility vehicles, also in line with the Urban Sustainable Mobility Plan (PUMS). This would eliminate problems such as saturated parking spaces and annoying traffic.

Among other things, a tourist surplus could also be obtained by allowing tourists to wander around the Neapolitan city according to predefined and adaptable routes, making the tour or moving to one or more sites of interest fun and comfortable.

Even the islands should begin to "look" to the future and embrace this "green" reality. On the Island of Ischia, for example, which is the largest Neapolitan island by extension, we could imagine the sharing of these electric scooters at the port, where a tourist could rent the vehicle and travel around the island. But even the same residents, of cities and islands, could move quickly and easily, thus eliminating saturated parking and annoying traffic, avoiding long waits to go to the destination country.

It is hoped that this reality will soon be given due attention by everyone.

10/01/2020 - Source Eagle Etsp