The advantages of electric micro-mobility guaranteed by Eagle Etsp

Micromobility can make a macroscopic difference for the quality of our life and the protection of the environment. In fact, the term creates an indissoluble combination with "electric" and also in Italian cities the prospect of moving quickly with clean sharing vehicles is already a very tangible reality. On the other hand, it is not difficult to understand how a new idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeconomic, intelligent and responsible mobility towards the planet breaks through the hearts and habits of users, tired of living in polluted and noisy cities. But at the same time it would be reductive to consider electric micro-mobility simply as a more ecological alternative to the private car. In fact, we are talking about a new way of conceiving the city and moving from point A to point B. This new model brings us a little closer to the ideal 15-minute city, in which essential services are within everyone's reach. citizens thanks to freer streets and more liveable spaces. So what are the advantages ensured by sustainable micro-mobility?

The advantages of sustainable micro-mobility

Obviously, the reduced environmental impact of micro-mobility can only represent the first advantage that comes to mind. In addition to the fact that they are electric vehicles and therefore less polluting than petrol cars or mopeds, the sharing formula ensures the city a reduction in private vehicles in circulation and freer roads. The conscious choice of people can therefore make a difference in the hard and collective fight against climate change.

Secondly, the choice of shared bicycles or scooters drastically reduces noise pollution. We are so focused on air pollution that we often forget how much a congested city also involves deafening noises or disturbing background. Noise pollution prevents citizens from enjoying public spaces with serenity and also causes damage to the health of our animal friends. Electric bicycles and electric scooters, in addition to being zero-emission solutions, are also much quieter vehicles than traditional and thundering motor vehicles.

Not to be underestimated is the fact that electric sharing vehicles are much less bulky than cars. Just think of how many parked bicycles or scooters it would take to occupy the same space as a car. Having no parking problems is an advantage that should definitely not be underestimated as it affects people's mood and daily routine. On the other hand, let's think about how much precious time is lost in traffic and in the daily traffic jams that make a life already stressful in itself marked by so many commitments and frenetic rhythms. And speaking of complex life, let's not forget that being able to count on mobility in sharing also means saving compared to a vehicle that involves taxes, stamps, insurance and vehicle maintenance.

Electric micro-mobility in sharing is not only an alternative to private vehicles, as the list of advantages just drawn up would suggest, but it is also closely linked to the concept of the last mile, since it represents a solution to cover short distances in areas not served by public transport. People who go to work every day can therefore often find themselves in the double situation of not finding parking or not knowing how to cover the distance from the train station or metro to the office. In both cases, being able to count on the simple use of economic and ecological means that unravel well in the streets is a rather encouraging prospect.

Eagle Etsp's micromobility service for companies

Easy, smart, economical, sustainable: electric micro-mobility is reflected in all these adjectives. Thanks to  Eagle Etsp, electric mobility in sharing has now also become corporate with effects also on the stage of the Corporate MaaS of the future. Its rental service, specialized in scooters and electric bikes to facilitate the movement of employees, is also part of the home-work travel plan that Mobility managers must draw up annually. Eagle Etsp's mission embraces the concept of multimodality of the future with the possibility for users to plan, book and finish the rental of vehicles for last-mile journeys, via App with a few clicks and in real time.

Eagle Etsp is aimed at virtuous companies that wish to offer their employees concrete solutions to facilitate daily travel in an ecological and sustainable way. Company headquarters and offices are very often located in peripheral areas where local public transport coverage is not widespread.
How to do? Eagle Etsp positions its vehicles in the urban and extra-urban focal points indicated by the client company, so as to guarantee complete coverage of the personnel on the home-work journey.

Employees will be able to book one of the vehicles available to them day by day via the App in the key points of the territory indicated by the client company. On the other hand, thanks to an advanced platform, the Company Mobility Manager will be able to monitor the performance of the service, discover the most widespread employee habits, calculate the average cost and make the appropriate assessments, optimizing the budget and fleets available to the staff. Choosing Eagle Etsp means relying on the future with professionalism, quality and sustainability.



14/11/2022 - Redazione Eagle