The originality of the Eagle Etsp service for corporates

In a world that increasingly looks to sustainability, Eagle Etsp is today the only company in Italy to offer a specialized and customizable micro-mobility service for corpotrates. The mission of the Neapolitan startup is to provide virtuous companies that want to invite their employees not to use their own car and gladly resort to integrated mobility solutions. In particular, Eagle Etsp's micro-mobility service aims to provide company employees with the means to travel the last mile to reach their workplace in an easy and environmentally friendly way. Very often, local public transport adequately covers the city center, instead dispersing as it moves away towards the suburbs. Well aware of these infrastructural limitations and above all of the substantial consequences on the life and well-being of commuter workers, Eagle Etsp has decided to fill the gaps in the connections in the area by addressing companies and mobility managers.

The business model of Eagle Etsp therefore follows different logics compared to other sharing mobility companies which usually place their vehicles in the city center according to distribution logics based on data and general flows from the movements of a general public of residents and visitors. The originality of the Eagle Etsp service, on the other hand, is to follow the specific request for corporate mobility of the client company, positioning its Mobility hubs, fleets of scooters and electric bikes that can be used via the App, in the points required to facilitate the movement of its employees in the last mile. A specialized service that fits into the perspective of the home-work commute plan that obliges the Mobility Manager to plan a mobility project that makes less and less use of the private car to access the company.

How the Eagle Etsp app works

The service offered by Eagle Etsp is based on cutting-edge technology that manages and tracks all vehicle movements.The service by the employee is accessible from an App that allows you to interact with the vehicle in real time and a web portal through which the lessor company can monitor the overall activity of the fleet: status of the rides, position of vehicles on the map, charge level, etc. The set of these data collected represents a valuable treasure trove of information useful for the Mobility Manager to define mobility strategies from time to time and for the company to optimize costs and investments in the service itself.

The company's commitment to the concrete management of technology can be summed up in the motto: "zero thoughts"; in fact, the digital platform of Eagle Etsp does not require any intervention on the part of the lessee. While on the one hand the vehicles can be used completely autonomously by employees via the App, the operators of the startup remotely monitor the overall picture of the rentals in progress and the status of the vehicles in the last mile. The rental agreement also includes: civil liability insurance, vehicle maintenance and assistance.

But how do i Eagle Etsp vehicles work for companies? The fleet consists of electric scooters and electric bikes. Unlocking takes place by scanning the QR code located on the handlebar with the App. It is possible to book the vehicle up to 15 minutes before the rental. After having traveled his journey, the user will have to end the journey to block the vehicle. The vehicle thus remains available for sharing use by other authorized users. With a battery level below 20%, the App shows a notification to invite you to put the vehicle on charge.

31/10/2022 - Redazione Eagle Etsp