Shared mobility, intended for stations

Italian railway stations as hubs of shared mobility by integrating the train and sharing mobility services, thus improving the physical continuity of a travel and the mobility of people. Italian Railway Network (FS Group) e National Observatory of Sharing Mobility, coordinated by the Foundation for the Sustainable Development and promoted by Mite and Mims, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding “Analysis and development of sharing mobility in stations railways ”with a duration of three years, aimed at developing mobility shared in Italian stations through an approach based on sharing databases, analyzes and evidence, as well as on the use of the respective systems information GIS (Geographic Information System). «The cross-analysis of data shared will generate synergies and provide useful information for drawing up maps and studies that overlap and integrate railway stations with widespread sharing services on the territory, highlighting the possible synergies, thus making it more connected and accessible rail transport while reducing congestion e pollution, ”reads a joint note. To analyze the development of the sharing mobility and exchange relationships with railway stations, the agreement it also provides a first series of targeted in-depth studies on the city of Rome, Milan, Bologna, Palermo and Cagliari.

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