Company electric scooters: micromobility becomes smart with Eagle Etsp

Sustainable mobility is a crucial milestone for companies. With intelligent corporate micro-mobility solutions, companies not only pursue their objectives with a view to respect for the environment, but can aim for greater employee satisfaction, increasingly looking for smart solutions.

Eagle Etsp meets all these needs with its innovative company electric scooter rental service. The start-up, born in Naples in 2021, in fact offers ad hoc services that make it possible to facilitate the movement of workers on the way home-office and away in sharing mode.


From open spaces to the last mile: the advantages of electric scooters

Eagle Etsp specializes in the rental service of electric scooters in places with an intense circulation of people: production sites, airports, ports and all large spaces where it is useful to facilitate travel in a smart, ecological and time-saving way.

The Neapolitan start-up also meets the Mobility Manager in the important goal of reducing the use of private means of transport by employees on the journey from home to work, a fundamental aspect for moving towards sustainable corporate mobility.

The solutions proposed by Eagle Etsp make it possible to make the movement of employees from junction points such as railway stations, subways and buses to their workplace greener, but also simpler. The employee can thus travel the so-called last mile with a smart and ecological means of transport with the advantage, for the company, of also solving logistical issues, such as the availability of parking.

And the Eagle Etsp electric scooters can also be used to make travel within different company areas spread over large areas quicker and more comfortable, as well as to reach different locations that may be located at a short distance.


A simple service for users and companies

The use of electric scooters is simple for both the company and the employees.

For the user, the Eagle Etsp platform provides an app with which in practice you can do everything and interact with the vehicle 24 hours a day. In this way, the operation of the vehicles is completely autonomous by those who use them, while thanks to a control panel, the company can monitor everything: enable and disable users, know the position of vehicles on the map, but also the charge level, the routes traveled and much more.

This also facilitates management from another point of view, that of safety, to which is added the fact that the rental contract always includes the RC insurance of the scooters, maintenance and assistance at all levels.


Micromobility in freedom with Eagle Etsp solutions

With the sole obligation of a minimum fleet of at least 30 vehicles, companies that choose Eagle Etsp increase the freedom of movement of employees. Once the user is authorized by the company, he unlocks the scooter simply from the smartphone app by framing the QR on the handlebar. Once the journey is complete, the vehicle stops and remains available for sharing. The app also sends an alert when the battery level is below 20% so that you can put the vehicle on charge.

And it is the company that can decide to offer the service free of charge or for a fee, possibly requiring the user to register their credit card in the app.

In short, a technology without worries, which does not require any intervention by the company and makes users autonomous

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